It all began in 2006 when John Maloney and David Wagner aimed to drive a new initiative within the fashion industry. The long-time veterans of the accessories market pinpointed a need for a flexible, customized approach to accessory design that would truly meet the needs of the ever-evolving consumer. Out of this revelation, DNA was born.

We offer customized fashion accessories for customers of all ages, genders, lifestyles, and price points. Not only do we design custom accessories for each one of our customers, but we invest in thorough trend research, inventory planning, distribution, sales tracking, and replenishment in order to ensure your success and unparalleled satisfaction. 


Producing trend-right products at both small and large volumes within any budget is at the core of what we do. We invest in trend research and shop international markets in order to gather insight on what customers desire. We then use this knowledge to help you plan assortments that perform, all within your bottom line.


From sourcing the highest-quality materials and hardware to perfectly positioning every stitch, we combine our talent and expertise to bring your concepts to life. Our discerning eyes assess every color and style to determine what will work for your customer. And when it’s all said and done, we only present you with the products we are confident will perform.


Our Dallas-based distribution center is equipped with agile technology that allows us to accurately pack and ship thousands of orders at once. And after we deliver your products, we offer sales tracking and replenishment to keep your inventory stocked with the products your customers love.



“From day one, Dezine News has prioritized establishing a work atmosphere where people feel positive, purposeful, and engaged—not just in what they’re doing, but with the company as a whole.”

DNA prides itself on its unique culture that encourages collaboration, creativity and compassion. No team member is limited by a job description, but instead is encouraged to grow from a personal and a professional standpoint. Our team members are constantly setting up creative lunches, participating in local philanthropies and attending development programs. By allowing our employees to unlock their full potential, we help them achieve a greater level of fulfillment in their careers.

Interested in working at DNA? Check out our careers page to browse our current job openings.